Boating Island 前行之島

Aephie Chen 陳繪彌
Intallation / performance 裝置/行為藝術

Come and read our stories. “Boating Island” is a performance which invites the audience to take part in. Through the first-person perspective, the players will experience the lives of the roles : the lifes the Taiwanese art workers working on the world stage, whose way home is always so long and bumpy.

This project examines Taiwan as a reference of a isolated island whose status hinges on complex socio-political history of occupation and cultural diversity. Through participation and immersion in the ceremony-like performance, the audience will have an opportunity to address these feelings in relation to their own self regardless of their nationality, triggering their own paradigms for the subjects of self and identity.

“Boating Island” is a trans-national art project which is to capture social interaction taking place in stimulated scenery in the world. It’s devoted to imagining and questioning subjects of identity, isolation and limitation through the motif of a floating island ; exploring how art can express subjects concept of self and place in a world where borders and cultural heritage are blurred in an age of globalisation. It’s to film selection of standpoints on the subject affected by the historical and political aspects.

請來閱讀我們的故事。 Boating Island 是一場邀請觀眾參與的表演,透過第一人稱的視角,玩家將經歷桌上遊戲角色所面對的生命歷程——那些在世界舞台奮鬥的台灣藝文工作者們回鄉路迢迢的美麗與哀愁。

Boating Island 是對台灣自身存在定位的審視。台灣,位於複雜的統治歷史中樞上,一個孤立而文化多元的島嶼。觀眾參與並沈浸在一個如儀式般的行為藝術表演中,以第一人稱的視角感受自身的存在及與周遭社會的關係,牽動思考自我的對身份認同所建立的典範。在全球下的時代下,國界與文化傳承逐漸模糊的世代裡,作品旨在透過漂浮島嶼的符號,對身份認同、孤立、限制等議題拋出問題並進行想像,探索藝術表達議題概念的可能性,側寫人們在歷史與政治的觀點下對立足點的選擇。