Boating Island 前行之島

Aephie Chen 陳繪彌
Installation and Performance 裝置與表演

Come and read our stories. “Boating Island” is a performance which invites the audience to take part in. Through the first-person perspective, the players will experience the lives of the roles : the lifes the Taiwanese art workers working on the world stage, whose way home is always so long and bumpy.

請來閱讀我們的故事。Boating Island 是一場邀請觀眾參與的表演,透過第一人稱的視角,玩家將經歷桌上遊戲角色所面對的生命歷程——那些在世界舞台奮鬥的台灣藝文工作者們回鄉路迢迢的美麗與哀愁。


Boating Journal 漂流日誌